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Direct From Dell: Strategies that Revolutionized an Industry
Direct From Dell: Strategies that Revolutionized an Industry
Author: Michael Dell | Publisher: Profile Business
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'Dell's story is the stuff high-tech legends are made of' ForbesAt the age of twelve Michael Dell earned USD 2,000 selling stamps, and by the age of eighteen he was selling customized PCs from his room. He went on to found one of the most successful computer businesses in the world, redefining the industry.Direct from Dell teaches you how to get on to the front of the pack and stay there. The pioneer shares his ideas on:* Why, initially, it's better to have too little capital rather than too much* How studying customers, not competition, will give you a greater competitive edge* Why your people pose a greater threat to your business than the competition* How to exploit the competition's weakness by exposing it's greatest strength* How integrating vertically can make the difference between survival and collapse.Revealing nothing less than a new model for business in the information age, Direct from Dell is both a success story and a manifesto for revolutionizing any industry.

Added: 29.10.2007ISBN: 1861975570Pages: 256Price: £ 6,74Lang.: English
The GE Way Fieldbook: Jack
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