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A Maniac Commodity Traders Guide to Making a Fortune in the Market: A Not-so Crazy Roadmap to Riches
A Maniac Commodity Traders Guide to Making a Fortune in the Market: A Not-so Crazy Roadmap to Riches
Author: Kevin Kerr, Agora | Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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This book is essential reading for every commodities trader. Commodities expert Kevin Kerr shares the insights, tips, techniques (and even trading tricks) that he's learned through the school of raw experience on the trading floor and in the pits, right alongside legends such as Paul Tudor Jones. He demystifies the language and ritual of the commodity markets; shows the basics of fundamental analysis; and explains how market makers create pricing. Readers will explore the world of "open outcry trading," and learn how the markets have evolved, where they are going, and how one can gain the upper hand. Readers will get all the secrets that only floor traders and select investors know, and help switching from equities to the world of commodities and commodity options. Filled with valuable lessons and proven strategies, A Maniac Commodity Trader's Not-So-Crazy Guide to Making a Fortune offers clear-cut guidance on how to enter these markets, make simple trades and build wealth, and create balance in any portfolio.

Added: 10.05.2007ISBN: 0471771902Pages: 233Price: £ 19,99Lang.: English
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