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All publications on our site are sold using largest internet store - Amazon. We made short guide to show you how easy and fast it is to buy books from Amazon. Books will be delivered from the United Kingdom (occasionally from the USA or Germany), therefore we recommend to buy more books at once to save postage costs (usually $10-20 or £5-10). You will need VISA or MaterCard to pay for your purchase.

Before you start with shopping, you need to have user account on any Amazon store. For example, if you already have an account on german Amazon, you can use it on any other Amazon store, like american or british. If you don't have an account yet, please continue with first step of our guide, if you already have one, please skip to step 4.

Account Creation

1 - Open new browser window with british Amazon website and click on 'Start here'.

2 - Now choose 'No I am a new customer' option and click on 'Sign in using our secure server' button.

3 - Enter your data, choose your password and continue by clicking on 'Continue'. Your account is now created.

If you already have an account on Amazon, you can skip steps 1-3 and start shopping with step 4.

Buying a book

4 - Choose publication you want to buy from our website. Clicking on 'buy it' button will forward you to respective page on Amazon store. If you are not signed into your Amazon account yet, please sign in now.

5 - To add book to your shopping basket simply click on 'Add to Shopping Basket' button. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for more publications you want to buy (add to shopping basket).

6 - If you already have all desired books in your shopping basket, click on 'Proceed to Checkout' button (if you are not on shopping basket content page, please click on 'view basket' in top right corner of the page first).

7 - If you are not signed into your account yet, you will be asked to sign in - enter your data and click on 'Sign in using our secure server' button.

8 - If there is no delivery address registered with your account yet, please enter one and click on 'Continue' button.

9 - Now please select delivery method. 'Air Mail' is cheaper option, therefore we recommend it for most purchases. Second option is faster. Choose your method and click on 'Continue' button.

10 - Enter details about your payment/credit card, we recommend to not use non-standard characters in cardholder's name.

11 - This page is asking for invoice address. If this address is same as your delivery address, please click on 'Use This Address' button, otherwise enter your invoice address and continue by clicking on 'Continue' button.

12 - Last step of your order. Please review all data displayed on this page marked by blue arrow, then check total price with delivery costs (red arrow) and if everything is ok, finish your order by clicking on 'Place your order' button. Your order is now finished!

Your books will be delivered within time displayed on order confirmation page, payment will be done automatically from your payment/credit card. Thank you for your purchase!