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90% Solution: Higher Returns, Less Risk
90% Solution: Higher Returns, Less Risk
Author: David L. Rogers | Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
"The 90% Solution" is about understanding the most important factors impacting today's stock market, how they influence performance and how they can be used to produce higher returns. In it, author David Rogers challenges traditional investment strategies, then points the way to new and alternative investment methods that can help you rise above the "expectations for mediocrity" that seem to dominate conventional investment thinking.
Added: 09.05.2007ISBN: 0471770817Pages: 256Price: £ 14,44Lang.: English 
Arbitrage, Hedging, and Speculation: The Foreign Exchange Market
Arbitrage, Hedging, and Speculation: The Foreign Exchange Market
Author: Dilip Ghosh, Ephraim A. Clark | Publisher: Greenwood Press
Explains arbitrage, hedging, and speculation from the standpoint of a participant in the foreign exchange market - whether an individual trader or an institutional trader - who possesses analytical skill, economically sound judgment, and who has access to market data. In the foreign exchange market, arbitrage involves the simultaneous purchase and sale of a currency in different markets; the profit comes from the difference in the buying and selling prices. Hedging and speculation are opposing strategies for dealing with risk; hedging is a cove
Added: 05.05.2007ISBN: 1567205828Pages: 232Price: £ 37,95Lang.: English 
Asset Pricing under Asymmetric Information: Bubbles, Crashes, Technical Analysis, and Herd
Asset Pricing under Asymmetric Information: Bubbles, Crashes, Technical Analysis, and Herding: Bubbles, Crashes, Technical Analysis and Herding
Author: Markus K. Brunnermeier | Publisher: OUP Oxford
The role of information is central to the academic debate on finance. This book provides a detailed, current survey of theoretical research into the effect on stock prices of the distribution of information, comparing and contrasting major models. It examines theoretical models that explain bubbles, technical analysis, and herding behavior. It also provides rational explanations for stock market crashes. Analyzing the implications of asymmetries in information is crucial in this area. This book provides a useful survey for graduate students.
Added: 05.05.2007ISBN: 0198296983Pages: 264Price: £ 45,60Lang.: English 
Beating the Financial Futures Market: Combining Small Biases into Powerful Money Making St
Beating the Financial Futures Market: Combining Small Biases into Powerful Money Making Strategies (Wiley Trading)
Author: Art Collins, Robert Pardo | Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
"Beating the Financial Futures Market" provides you with a straightforward, historically proven program to cut through the noise, determine what bits of information are valuable, and integrate those bits into an overall trading program designed to jump on lucrative trading opportunities as they occur. It will help you improve both your percentage of winning trades and the bottom line profitability of those winning trades.
Added: 10.05.2007ISBN: 0470038659Pages: 245Price: £ 29,75Lang.: English 
Bond Markets: Analysis and Strategies
Bond Markets: Analysis and Strategies
Author: Frank J Fabozzi | Publisher: Prentice Hall
For upper-level college courses in Economics or Finance that focus on bond markets. This comprehensive textbook on bonds takes a practical real-world approach to the subject. It includes a detailed discussion of each type of bond including a wide range of products. The text features comprehensive discussion of not only the instruments, but their investment characteristics, the state-of-the art technology for valuing them, and portfolio strategies for using them.
Added: 09.05.2007ISBN: 0131986430Pages: 792Price: £ 58,99Lang.: English 
Cashing in on the Dow: Using Dow Theory to Trade and Determine Trends in Today's Markets
Cashing in on the Dow: Using Dow Theory to Trade and Determine Trends in Today's Markets
Author: Michael D. Sheimo | Publisher: CRC Press
Created over a hundred years ago by Wall Street Journal founder Charles H. Dow, the Dow Theory is the grandfather and foundation of all technical stock market analyses. The Theory operates on the premise that the market itself is the best predictor of future performance. By using Dow averages to explain the current condition of the market, forecast future trends, and determine investment strategy, the Dow Theory continues to be a sound technique for successful stock investing.Cashing in on the Dow takes a contemporary look at the Dow Theory and
Added: 05.05.2007ISBN: 0910944067Pages: 336Price: £ 34,19Lang.: English 
Come into My Trading Room: A Complete Guide to Trading (Wiley Trading)
Come into My Trading Room: A Complete Guide to Trading (Wiley Trading)
Author: Dr. Alexander Elder | Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
This is the trading bible for the new millennium. In "Come Into My Trading Room", noted trader and author Dr. Alexander Elder returns to expand far beyond the three M's (Mind, Method, and Money) of his bestselling "Trading for a Living". Shifting focus from technical analysis to the overall management of a trader's money, time, and strategy, Dr. Elder takes readers from the fundamentals to the secrets of being a successful trader identifying new, little known indicators that can lead to huge profits. "Come Into My Trading Room" educates the nov
Added: 10.05.2007ISBN: 0471225347Pages: 320Price: £ 27,99Lang.: English 
Commodities and Commodity Derivatives: Modeling and Pricing for Agriculturals, Metals, and
Commodities and Commodity Derivatives: Modeling and Pricing for Agriculturals, Metals, and Energy (The Wiley Finance Series)
Author: Helyette Geman | Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
The last few years have been a watershed for the commodities, cash and derivatives industry. New regulations and products have led to an explosion in the commodities markets, creating a new asset class for investors that includes hedge funds as well as University endowments, and has resulted in a spectacular growth in spot and derivative trading. This book covers hard and soft commodities (energy, agriculture and metals) and analyses: *Economic and geopolitical issues in commodities markets *Commodity price and volume risk *Stochastic m
Added: 10.05.2007ISBN: 0470012188Pages: 416Price: £ 52,50Lang.: English 
Commodities Rising: The Reality Behind the Hype and How to Really Profit in the Commoditie
Commodities Rising: The Reality Behind the Hype and How to Really Profit in the Commodities Market
Author: Jeffrey M. Christian | Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Analyze the current commodity environment and look out over the next few years to identify potential profit situations in Commodities Rising. You'll learn how commodities can be used to reduce risk and increase returns in a balanced investment portfolio. Author and commodities expert Jeffrey Christian debunks much of the misinformation currently circulating about commodities and provides a reasoned reality-check you can use to evaluate the claims and promises of various publications and brokerages in the commodity field. Specific issues address
Added: 10.05.2007ISBN: 0471772259Pages: 272Price: £ 16,14Lang.: English 
Commodity Derivatives and Finance
Commodity Derivatives and Finance
Author: Kathleen Tener Smith, Pam Kennison | Publisher: Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC
A unique guide to derivative products and hedging strategies for all commodities, examining each of the main OTC and non-OTC products. If offers a perspective on risk management and analysis for established an newer markets. Essential reading for financiers, producers, project managers, lawyers and accountants.
Added: 04.05.2007ISBN: 1855643715Pages: 400Price: £ 145,00Lang.: EnglishRecommended
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The Mind of a Trader: Less
The Mind of a Trader: Lessons in Trading Strategy from the World's Leading Traders
Pages: 272
Price: £ 28,49
Lang.: English
This title explores the trading philosophies, behaviour and tactics of some of the world's most effective professional traders from the USA, Europe and Asia. It also aims to identify successful trading strategi
The Hedge Fund Edge: Maxim
The Hedge Fund Edge: Maximum Profit/Minimum Risk Global Trend Trading Strategies (Wiley Trading)
Pages: 384
Price: £ 39,49
Lang.: English
A unique approach to trading the world markets and taking profits globally. Introducing a robust trading strategy that incorporates techniques from both technical and fundamental analysis, Mark Boucher examines
The Real Options Analysis
The Real Options Analysis Course: Business Cases and Software Applications (Wiley Finance)
Pages: 320
Price: £ 178,50
Lang.: English
Most investors and risk managers are familiar with financial options. But the real option structure is embedded in billions of dollars of stocks traded everyday, and in billions of dollars of strategic or inves
Mastering the Trade: Prove
Mastering the Trade: Proven Techniques for Profiting from Intraday and Swing Trading Setups (McGraw-Hill Trader's Edge Series)
Pages: 388
Price: £ 23,99
Lang.: English
This book provides expert tactics to become and make the most of every swing trade. In Mastering the Trade, veteran trader and educator John Carter shares his hard-won five-point technique for successful swing
Trade Like a Hedge Fund: 2
Trade Like a Hedge Fund: 20 Successful Uncorrelated Strategies and Techniques to Winning Profits (Wiley Trading)
Pages: 240
Price: £ 34,43
Lang.: English
Learn the successful strategies behind hedge fund investing Hedge funds and hedge fund trading strategies have long been popular in the financial community because of their flexibility, aggressiveness, and crea
Hedging Instruments and Ri
Hedging Instruments and Risk Management: How to Use Derivatives to Control Financial Risk in Any Market (McGraw-Hill Library of Investment  &  Finance)
Pages: 432
Price: £ 29,49
Lang.: English
Books on complex hedging instruments are often more confusing than the instruments themselves. "Hedging Instruments and Risk Management" brings clarity to the topic, giving money managers the straightforward kn