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An Introduction to Bond Markets (Securities Institute)
An Introduction to Bond Markets (Securities Institute)
Author: Moorad Choudhry | Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
This book describes and defines bonds within the context of the capital markets and the different types of bonds that are traded. It includes a detailed look at the analytical techniques used in the market by traders and fund managers. This new edition will update the section on swaps and risk management, update all exercises and examples, add a new section on credit derivatives, add a section on structured finance securities & add a section on trading. Contents also include: Bond yield Measurement, Interest Rate Risk, The UK gilt market and co
Added: 16.11.2007ISBN: 0470017589Pages: 432Price: £ 20,99Lang.: EnglishRecommended
Capital Market Instruments: Analysis and Valuation
Capital Market Instruments: Analysis and Valuation
Author: Moorad Choudhry, Didier Joannas, R. Pereira, Rod Pienaar | Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
This book is a revised and updated guide to some of the most important issues in the capital markets today, with an emphasis on fixed-income instruments such as index-linked bonds, asset backed securities, mortgage backed securities and related products such as credit derivatives. However, fundamental concepts in equity market analysis, foreign exchange and money markets are also covered to provide a comprehensive overview. The focus is on analysis and valuation techniques, presented for the purposes of practical application.
Added: 04.05.2007ISBN: 1403947252Pages: 420Price: £ 130,00Lang.: English 
Credit Derivatives: Instruments, Applications and Pricing
Credit Derivatives: Instruments, Applications and Pricing
Author: Mark J. P. Anson, Frank J. Fabozzi, Moorad Choudhry, RenRaw Chen | Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
An essential guide to credit derivatives Credit derivatives has become one of the fastest-growing areas of interest in global derivatives and risk management. Credit Derivatives takes the reader through an in-depth explanation of an investment tool that has been increasingly used to manage credit risk in banking and capital markets. Anson discusses everything from the basics of why credit risk is important to accounting and tax implications of credit derivatives. Key topics covered in this essential guidebook include: credit swaps; credit forw
Added: 09.05.2007ISBN: 047146600XPages: 341Price: £ 55,25Lang.: English 
Structured Credit Products: Credit Derivatives and Synthetic Securitisation (Wiley Finance
Structured Credit Products: Credit Derivatives and Synthetic Securitisation (Wiley Finance)
Author: Moorad Choudhry | Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Among today's fastest growing investment and risk management mechanisms, synthetic securitizations and structured products are revolutionizing the financial industry and changing the way banks, institutional investors, and securities traders do business both domestically and globally. This groundbreaking book offers a succinct and focused resource complete with global case studies on how these often misunderstood and mishandled instruments work, and how best to capitalize on them. Moorad Choudhry (London, UK) is a Vice President in Structured
Added: 09.05.2007ISBN: 0470821191Pages: 300Price: £ 48,99Lang.: EnglishRecommended
The Bond and Money Markets: strategy, trading, analysis (Securities Institution Profession
The Bond and Money Markets: strategy, trading, analysis (Securities Institution Professional Reference Series)
Author: Moorad Choudhry | Publisher: A Butterworth-Heinemann Title
The Bond and Money Markets: Strategy, Trading, Analysis explains and analyses all aspects of the bond and money markets and is both an introduction for newcomers and an advanced text for experienced market practitioners and graduate students. Those with experience of the industry at all levels will find the book invaluable as a standard reference work.
Added: 04.05.2007ISBN: 0750646772Pages: 1168Price: £ 171,70Lang.: EnglishRecommended
The Credit Default Swap Basis
The Credit Default Swap Basis
Author: Moorad Choudhry | Publisher: Bloomberg Press
The growth of the credit derviatives market has produced a liquid market in credit default swaps across the credit curve, and this liquidity has led many investors to access both the credit derivative and cash bond markets to meet their investment requirements.This book investigates the close relationship between the synthetic and cash markets in credit, which manifests itself in the credit default swap basis. Choudhry covers the factors that drive the basis, implications for market participants, the CDS index basis, and trading the basis.Credi
Added: 16.11.2007ISBN: 1576602362Pages: 195Price: £ 23,70Lang.: EnglishRecommended
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The Essays of Warren Buffe
The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Investors and Managers, Revised Edition
Pages: 240
Price: £ 6,99
Lang.: English
A Maniac Commodity Traders
A Maniac Commodity Traders Guide to Making a Fortune in the Market: A Not-so Crazy Roadmap to Riches
Pages: 233
Price: £ 19,99
Lang.: English
This book is essential reading for every commodities trader. Commodities expert Kevin Kerr shares the insights, tips, techniques (and even trading tricks) that he's learned through the school of raw experience
The Mind of a Trader: Less
The Mind of a Trader: Lessons in Trading Strategy from the World's Leading Traders
Pages: 272
Price: £ 28,49
Lang.: English
This title explores the trading philosophies, behaviour and tactics of some of the world's most effective professional traders from the USA, Europe and Asia. It also aims to identify successful trading strategi
Behavioral Trading: Method
Behavioral Trading: Methods for Measuring Investor Confidence and Expectations
Pages: 272
Price: £ 64,59
Lang.: English
Have you ever wondered to what extent investor confidence and expectations, rather than solid financial analysis, impact stock market prices? In this book, stock market contrarian Woody Dorsey gives readers ins
Value Investing in Commodi
Value Investing in Commodity Futures: How to Profit with Scales Trading (Wiley Trading)
Pages: 224
Price: £ 40,38
Lang.: English
The only complete guide to an increasingly popular approach to futures tradingThis book outlines a highly successful alternative approach to trading commodity futures, specially tailored to today's low-priced c
Big Shots: 10 Secrets of t
Big Shots: 10 Secrets of the World's Greatest Deal Maker - Business the Rupert Murdoch Way (Big Shots Series)
Pages: 192
Price: £ 8,99
Lang.: English
Now brought completely up-to-date for this new edition, Business The Rupert Murdoch Way not only reveals the secrets of Murdoch's remarkable success but also draws out the universal lessons and identifies strat