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The Interpretation of Financial Statements
The Interpretation of Financial Statements
Author: Benjamin Graham, Spencer B. Meredith | Publisher: HarperBusiness,U.S.
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First published in 1937, this is a comprehensive guide to reading and understanding financial documents such as balance sheets and profit and loss statements. It is a practical and accessible guide for business people, bankers and investors.

Added: 04.05.2007ISBN: 0887309135Pages: 144Price: £ 13,53Lang.: English
Covered Calls and LEAPS: A
Covered Calls and LEAPS: A Wealth Option (Wiley Trading)
Pages: 240
Price: £ 68,00
Lang.: English
In this one-of-a-kind "how-to" guide, Joseph Hooper and Aaron Zalewski provide step-by-step instructions for generating large monthly cash returns from almost any stock investment while at the same time decreas
The Handbook of Fixed Inco
The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities
Pages: 1500
Price: £ 47,99
Lang.: English
Explores some of the most important features of bonds, preferred stock, and mortgage backed securities. Provides the reader with a taxonomy of terms and concepts that will be useful in the reading of the specia
The Complete Guide to List
The Complete Guide to Listing on the London Stock Exchange
Pages: 280
Price: $ 110,00
Lang.: English
Following the success of their highly-regarded Practitioner's Guides to the Listing Rules of — the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, the New York Stock Exchange and the Bermuda Stock Exchange — ISI Publications
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